About Us

We pride ourselves on being the leaders in the Middle East market.

Coustic-Glo is the pioneers in the field of cleaning and restoring Grout and ceiling tiles in the US and the Middle East. Coustic-Glo is an American franchise specialized in tile and Grout cleaning and coating for more than 35 years. We were committed to providing world-class tile and Grout cleaning and restoration services. We initially began our franchising in the United States and have since then expanded to Canada as well as overseas markets in South America, Asia, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and the UAE. Our main focus is the cleaning and restoration of all types of tiles, Grout and ceilings. Additionally, we work on the restoration, repairing and replacement of common defects found in them.


Air Quality Enhancement

Coustic-Glo is the-go-to ceiling and tile cleaning company. We offer environmentally friendly tile and ceiling cleaning services. Research showed that not cleaning and reforming ceilings and walls regularly yields what is called ( SBS) Sick Building Syndrome.For those who don’t know what SBS is, it is an illness that affects office workers world wide. This illness is primarily caused because of dirty ceilings and walls.

Luckily for you, Coustic-Glo comes to the rescue. Due to our years upon years of experience, we can easily resolve these issues. Immediately after Coustic-Glo application, a laboratory tested air samples. the results were surprising. The results confirmed the molds, spores and odors were significantly eradicated.


Fire Retardation

In cases of emergency, Coustic -Glo got your back. Research should outstanding results when it comes to flame retardation. Due to Coustic- Glo’s fire retardation properties, this helped in the protection of surfaces and were not negatively affected and in the majority of the cases improved even. The Coustic -Glo’s coat added acted as an additional barrier which improved fire retardation and smoke suppression.

At Coustic- Glo we take pride in our efficiently tested products. We spare no effort in carrying out through research no matter what the expenses are. Clients’ satisfaction is our ultimate goal. You won’t be spending your money on anonymous products but on reliable ones.


Light Reflectance

Yes, Coustic-Glo not only makes the environment better, it also improves light reflectance drastically.

An independent laboratory carried out extensive research which showed that cleaning ceiling and walls enhanced light reflection by 50 %. We literally and figuratively make your day brighter.

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