Call COUSTIC-GLO Professionals To…

Have stain-free Grout
that looks great and brand new

Restore the original color
or change to a consistent brighter color

Why replace when you can renew it for you, and save you time and money!

With our environmentally-friendly chemicals, our tile restoration will save landfill by old tiles

COUSTIC-GLO is the Leading Grout Restoration and Installation expert for Commercial and Residential areas.

Our trained experts specialize in permanently renewing your tile and grout surfaces for your floors, kitchens, and bathrooms as well as restore its original brightness with a brand-new color.
We provide our restoration & protection services across the UAE.

Restore. Don't Replace

Grout Stain Protection

Whether your grout is old or new, dirty or clean, we strongly recommend you take the advantage of our stain protection service. So if it’s new it will be protected before it has a chance to get stained. And if it is old or dirty we can intensely clean and remove dirt and oil with our great proprietary grout cleaner, followed by.Read More...

Grout Color Coat

Tile beauty considerable lost by surrounding ugly dirty or discolored grout. Make a dramatic change in the look of your tiles by refreshing or changing the color of your grout! By applying our professional Grout Color Coat service, we can recolor your grout to its original grout color or you can change your grout color to any color you choose.Read More...


Age, harsh cleaners, excessive moping will cause the grout to wear, crack, turn into powder. When this happens, re-grout service is the solution.
Coustic Glo provides the best professional re-grout service in UAE. Coustic-Glo’s process will replace the damaged grout with new super long-life grout.Read More...

Silicone & Caulk Replacement

Bathtubs and sinks edges are sealed with silicone or caulk, due to the high water content in these areas, it becomes a good place for black mold and mildew growth, and got damaged in a short time.
Coustic Glo experts will replace silicone and caulk with proprietary grout.Read More...

Damaged Tile Repair

Do you have damaged (Chipped, cracked, lose) tile? No need to live with them or to change the whole wall or floor tiles because one or few tiles are damaged. Coustic Glo can provide you the solution, by repairing only the damaged one and save you the timeRead More...

We Take EXTRA Caution With Furniture And The Walls Inside Not To Cause Any Damage During Restoration

Secret of our amazing results...

Premier Tile & Grout Restoration

Deep and thorough grout cleaning, environmentally friendly

Each grout line is sealed by hand to ensure a proper seal

Bright, stain free grout lines

Bring back the original color to your grout. We have all colors to choose from.

Proprietary Grout cleaner to remove dirt and oil and open up the pores of the grout

Eliminates Odor Causing Bacteria

Almost All Types Of Grout Cleaning And Restoration








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